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Tween and Teen Therapy

143592541What if it’s NOT “just a phase”?

We’re told it’s normal for teenagers to act like toddlers: mood swings, disrespect, impatience, and failure to communicate effectively.

But it’s harder to tolerate from someone who almost looks grown.

Slamming doors, isolating from family, refusing to take care of themselves and their stuff, taking everything so personally all the time…

Who knows where it’s coming from?! Hormones? Maybe… maybe not.

With limited communication, all you can do is GUESS what’s going on with them.

You want more from and FOR your kid.

Therapy can be the first step toward reconnecting with your teenager.

Your teen will feel understood and supported.

They’ll learn to think critically about what’s happening around them and better manage their emotions.

They’ll connect the dots between their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors… and they’ll gain insight into how all of this plays out in how they show up in the world.

And YOU will feel validated and challenged. You’ll learn to bolster your teen’s hard work in therapy in your home.

1289387878It’s time to win them back.

Therapy for your teen can give you peace of mind about their future, while affording you the luxury of a renewed relationship with your child.

Your teen will have the skills to recover from old wounds and navigate difficulties yet to come. They’ll have confidence in their growing independence AND in your ability to support and love them into young adulthood.

Don’t wait to see if it’s just a phase.

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