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PCIT and Child Behavior Problems

2161544075You love them with all your heart.

They’re small.

They’re cute.

They say hilarious things…

But sometimes, you can’t get far enough away from them!

They can scream, spit, hit, kick, and bite!

Or you just don’t feel close to them.

Or you feel the connection but don’t know how to be their parent.

Parenting little kids shouldn’t be so hard.

Says who? Some of us didn’t have the best parenting models, and we can see how our upbringing colors how we parent our kids. We know it’s not okay and want it to change: Different parent… different kid.

But even when we “do everything right,” some of us have kiddos that are a little trickier to parent. Maybe you’ve tried everything, but nothing’s really worked.

786283273It’s not like learning to play a sport or instrument!

Each parent and child bring unique personalities, temperaments, experiences, and strengths, so having a warm, respectful relationship with a child can be complicated!

Imagine learning to play soccer or guitar without a coach – without someone to teach, encourage, challenge, and correct – without someone to celebrate the big (and the little!) wins.

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) uses a coaching model to teach parents how to connect with their child and better manage their behavior.

Parents learn skills and receive in-the-moment feedback and support while spending time with their child.

Escape the “They don’t listen!” spiral…

You know… where yelling, tantrums, and punishment that doesn’t work play out day after day?

Imagine instead an upward spiral of good choices and praise.

With PCIT, your child’s self-esteem will improve, and their disruptive attempts to get your attention will happen less frequently. They’ll start to seek your positive attention (instead of just any attention), which means fewer interruptions and embarrassment for you.

You’ll learn how to get your child to do what you say when you say it, as well as how to make it more likely that they’ll listen and act more quickly in the future.

You can do this!

It’s time to try something new and get a different result.

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