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Child Therapy

1392090419On a good day, we laugh. But…

Those good days are few and far between.

And the bad days are getting worse.

The “big feelings,” the defiance, the aggression…

And it’s not just at home anymore. It’s spilling over into school and with the grandparents.

It feels like everyone in the house needs therapy, but it’s hard to know where to start when this child is so out of control!

Your family deserves better.

Parenting a child who has survived something heavy or a child who’s “always been difficult” is hard work!

Share the load with me.

You will feel understood and supported. We’ll work together to determine how best to address your child’s needs. And I’ll be there to coach and encourage you.

Your child will start feeling like things are getting more stable and predictable. They’ll look forward to therapy because they, too, will feel supported… by YOU.

Let’s rack up more of those “good days.”

Therapy for your child can pull your family together, making you feel more confident and connected to your child.

Your child will learn to use their words, calm their big feelings, and follow directions more quickly and with less fuss.

And because you were involved in their recovery, they’ll know they can count on you.

The sooner we connect, the sooner your family can get back on track. Call me today for a free consultation: (214) 534-5380.