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Adult Therapy

1216075753Keeping up with it all…

Sometimes, being an adult feels impossible!

We have responsibilities, people we care about, professional goals…

And they’re all important!

But they can also consume us.

It’s easy to get in the habit of pouring yourself into everything around you while putting yourself on the back burner.

And when we neglect ourselves, we can’t show up with a full heart, alert mind, and strong body. We end up drained, ineffective, disappointed, and irritable.

We start pushing down our memories and feelings… and seeking distraction… and settling for “the minimum” in our work and relationships.

1032280819It’s somewhat counter-intuitive…

But taking the time to prioritize yourself will make you better at caring for yourself AND everything else.

If you’re going to be present, effective, efficient, and involved, you’ll have to do it with ALL of you – including those pieces that are hidden away or feel broken.

You probably know this deep down… and that’s why you’re here.

Let me help.

Therapy gives you the time and space to recalibrate yourself with compassion.

We’ll explore the impact of past experiences on your current day-to-day life. Processing your memories can shift how you view yourself, others, and the world.

The healthy and supportive people in your life will start to notice subtle, positive changes in your mood, approach to life, and ability to live in the moment with them.

30373966Manage well what you choose to manage.

If you’ve been putting things on hold or putting yourself aside, therapy can help you address whatever is keeping you from the life you desire.

In therapy, you’ll connect with yourself, process your traumatic experiences, and clarify your values. You’ll see yourself differently… more compassionately.

With greater confidence, you’ll see your positive impact on others and your work, and you’ll be able to choose where to invest your energy.

I can’t wait to meet you and get started!

Don’t sit alone with this any longer. Call me today for a free consultation: (214) 534-5380.